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We are those people that can make “IT” happen.

There is a big difference between randomly booking ads – to be seen, and a marketing strategy that addresses your business objectives, expresses your communications strategy creatively, resourcefully targets your audience and delivers a return on your investment.

Welcome to Fortis Media & Marketing Group.

Marketing doesn’t need to be a daunting, distant thought, sidelined until it’s no longer avoidable. Marketing is simply a methodical and systematic approach that delivers a consistent message to your target audience. Whether big or small, we customise solutions just for you. We cater for all budgets and we use the same expertise, resources and systems for our smaller guys, as we use for the big end of town. Don’t be afraid to call us – you’ll be surprised at how easy and affordable this is.

21% is the average eDM open rate within the retail category
45% companies say top priority is increasing revenue derived from existing customers
60% of the total Australian population are aged 40+ and they’re a huge bootee for advertisers and marketers

Why choose us

A perfect blend of outsourced marketing services including strategy, creative development and media buying.

Recon Mission

At first meeting, we embark on a thorough reconnaissance mission to understand your business. We dive deep into your objectives, your priorities, what you’ve done in past, what has worked/what hasn’t.  Did you measure your success or was it a flop? Was there a measure in place?  We need to identify all the variables in your business, including what success means to you. Bringing business to your door is only half of the puzzle, what happens next is heavily dependent on you.

Research and Planning

Who is your target audience? You may be surprised to learn that it’s not always who you think. We start delving into the wild world of research. Using sophisticated industry software, we ask questions such as; “who is the main buyer of product X and what is their average age”. Once we isolate your shopper, we can start to build a media plan, selecting media vehicles and channels that will deliver the biggest bang for your buck.

Creative Communication

Here we start to build a bridge between strategy and communication ideas. We like our clients to be very involved in this process. Once we understand who you’re talking to, and the vehicles are pinned down, we start to figure out how we’re going to speak to your audience. It makes sense that you can’t talk to an older, mature audience in the same way you would address millennials. Remember, you are what you say you are!


Like many business owners, leaders or managers, you just don’t have the time or internal resources to make ‘IT’ happen. Once you sign off on a campaign plan that includes all the media, creative and production costs within your budget, you can leave the rest to us. We become your marketing consulting team at large so after our initial service agreement is sealed, rest assured you don’t need to do a thing. Zippo. Nada. Nothing.

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